Has Education Caught Up with Technology?

Posted on December 28, 2015

As an educator for the past 19+ years and a clinical hygienist as well, I am perplexed that both seasoned professionals and the newest members of our profession are unaware of technology that is beneficial to both themselves and their patients. With technology advancing at a rate greater than ever before, it has become difficult for textbooks to keep up with the changes. One of the new technologies I have discovered is American Eagle’s XP Technology sharpen-free instruments. This technology in hand instrumentation is superior to the current stainless steel instruments that most of us use for so many reasons. For one, it saves immeasurable time - the blades of the instrument stay sharp because they are much harder than stainless steel. This is due to the process in which the metallurgic composition changes during the manufacturing process of the instruments. XP Technology precludes the need for hygienists to ever be required to maintain and sharpen their instruments, which as we know, is a significant time and money saver.

I have many peers suffering, and I mean suffering, from carpal tunnel syndrome, due primarily to the use of instruments that aren’t designed with the hand in mind. XP Technology instruments by American Eagle makes painless manual instrumentation a reality. No more lateral pressure against the tenacious calculus! I have never held a stronger, more comfortable instrument in my years as a practicing clinical hygienist.

My question is, why are there newly graduated hygienists who aren’t aware of this technology? After using American Eagle XP Technology instruments just once on a skeptical 30+ year dental professional, she changed her entire opinion of American Eagle’s XP technology. She didn’t believe the claims could be true. In fact, she didn’t think I had actually removed any calculous until I gave her a mirror to watch and see for herself. She said, “I didn’t feel anything.” Her smile said it all. I firmly believe XP Technology needs to be the primary hand instruments used by practicing hygienists, educators and most importantly, students. Every program needs to advise their students of the existence of such superior instruments, which, by the way, aren’t that much more expensive than traditional instruments of the past. The time, money and pain they have saved me is priceless. We all know that things that sound too good to be true normally are. But in the case of XP Technology, sharpen-free instruments are a welcome reality!

- Theresé Stewart, RDH, MS