How incorporating sharpen-free XP® Technology increases ROI in your practice

Posted on November 10, 2015

Before discovering sharpen-free XP Technology®, my cassettes had to contain enough instruments to combat any periodontal situation – all Graceys, of course, an anterior and posterior sickle, a Younger-Good 7/8 for heavy sub, and a couple of universals “just in case”. This set-up was not only pricey to purchase it was time consuming. Searching for the instrument while mid-treatment took time, and could be frustrating. Then there was the maintenance involved in keeping them all sharp. Honestly, I never kept up.

General treatment cassettes now contain four to five instruments – a Double Gracey Anterior, a Double Gracey Posterior, an M23 Thin Scaler, a Blackjack scaler, and an optional Barnhart 5-6 - all in sharpen-free XP® Technology. These five multi-tasking instruments cover every situation those ten instruments used to handle, and without the stress or time involved in sharpening maintenance. 

On average, I have cut appointment time spent scaling and/or sharpening by 10 minutes! What I’ve found is those ten minutes can have an incredible return on investment for patients and the practice. Here are five value-packed actions that now fit into an appointment or the day that did not before sharpen-free XP Technology:

  • Sit the patient up and REMOVE THE BIB. Have a face to face with the patient, as if you were out with a friend. Show the patient photos and data collected, and ask them what they hear and see. This sounds time consuming, but in reality is much more concise. Another bonus – the patient hears what we are saying! Wouldn’t that be novel?(*Thanks to Shannon Pace Brinker of Contemporary Product Solutions for teaching me this tip for patient communication.)
  • Time to be part of the team – participate in instrument processing, room turnover, and even administer anesthetic for the doctor’s patients.
  • A periodontal procedure is invasive – now there will be time to make a call to the patient and see how he is healing. It is not only the right thing to do; it builds patient trust and loyalty, which may lead to referrals.
  • Taking an impression for whitening trays now fits into the appointment. Rather than scheduling a second visit for the patient, time is available to get the procedure started right away. This is especially valuable with whitening, as the patient is excited to get started.
  • Same for sealants. Save the patients a trip and provide care right during the preventive appointment. As a preventive procedure this makes sense and the patient appreciates that their time is valued.

When considering a new purchase such as sharpen-free XP Technology, remember to include indirect or not-so-obvious returns on investment to get the whole picture. It is imperative to look at the big picture for the practice and present a solid plan for the investment being proposed. When planned with care, a purchase like sharpen-free XP Technology can be reality with a BIG return on investment for you, the patient, and the practice. 

- Karen Siebert, RDH, MA