"A Star is Born"

Posted on March 07, 2016

As more and more clinicians are experiencing the advantages of American Eagle sharpen-free XP Technology, it has become evident that these instruments have truly become a Game Changer in our industry. Even pioneers in the dental industry have been gobsmacked by American Eagle XP. This technology was developed about 10 years ago and is quickly becoming the go-to hand instrument of choice for practicing clinicians. And now students are clamoring for them as well.

I am an instructor at a dental hygiene program in Florida. I also happen to be a huge fan of American Eagle Instruments. Recently, our students attended a dental board review in Atlanta, Georgia. An independent sales representative from American Eagle Instruments was at this review. When the students returned, they couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic American Eagle Instruments XP technology is. They were completely impressed that they are “sharpen free” instruments that remove calculus effortlessly and with complete patient comfort. After all…who likes to sharpen instruments?They recognized the significant difference between these instruments and the stainless steel instruments that are currently used in clinic. They also recognized that the technology that is used to make these unique instruments is much different than stainless steel hand instruments.XP Technology sharpen-free instruments are surface engineered with titanium nitride. Comparing them to stainless steel instruments would be like comparing piezo ultrasonics to magnetostrictive ultrasonics.They also wanted to know if they would be able take advantage of American Eagle Instruments student pricing.

We scheduled a hands-on demonstration presentation for both the faculty and the students immediately.The faculty was completely impressed by this technology. The students placed their orders subsequently, and can’t wait to get them in their hands for their Clinical Boards. Another advantage for them, was that they were able to take advantage of the student pricing available. This has been a win-win situation for everyone! Our school now has XP Technology sharpen-free instruments in the clinic and the students are able to use their new instruments for their boards and in private practice upon graduating.

XP Technology has been recognized officially by RDH Magazine by winning the “Practice Game Changer” Award for 2015! This award was voted on by subscribers to RDH Magazine. Finally, clinicians from around the world are recognizing the benefits of XP Technology sharpen-free instruments that are both lightweight and precision designed. Clinicians, and in this case, faculty, also recognize the need for these instruments to be available to all students. The advantages of the ergonomically designed instruments are innumerable.Using minimal pressure against the tooth and letting the sharp instrument do the work is an additional plus. After all, mitigating carpel tunnel increases career longevity.

I agree that these instruments are a Game Changer. However, in my eyes, truly “A Star Is Born” in our industry!

-Therese` Stewart, RDH