Introducing the Boge 513™ Scaler

Posted on July 28, 2016


American Eagle Instruments, Inc. has launched the Boge 513 Scaler. The Boge 513 is a modified sickle/hoe scaler used to remove calculus in the dental prophylaxis process.  This instrument is double ended, and is available only in sharpen-free XP Technology from American Eagle Instruments. Due to the angulation of this instrument, it would be difficult to sharpen in-office, so producing it in sharpen-free XP is significantly beneficial to the clinician.

One end of the Boge 513 has an elongated shank and straight, slightly lipped cutting edge, which can easily remove tartar from areas where patients have fixed orthodontic wires and/ or marginal recession with exposed root surfaces.  The hoe has adequate width to maintain stabilization during vertical and horizontal working strokes.  It easily adapts to both the upper and lower anterior intraoral regions, and in the posterior in areas with root surface exposure.  The alternate end of the instrument is a Nebraska 128 sickle scaler, which is exceptional at reaching into tight interproximal contact areas, especially for patients who have crowding and/or recession. The Boge 513 is be available exclusively in XP® Technology in both our Quik-Tip™ cone socket instrument and fixed instrument patterns.

The Boge 513 was designed in partnership with Emily Boge, CDA, RDH, MPA. Emily serves as Dental Administrative Chair at Hawkeye Community College.  She is a graduate of both the Hawkeye Dental Assisting (2000) and Dental Hygiene (2003) Programs, and went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Science (2012) and Master’s in Public Administration Healthcare (2015) from Upper Iowa University.  

Prior to beginning her career in administration, Emily practiced as a full-time clinical dental hygienist in Manchester, Iowa (2003-2015). As an active member of her professional associations ADHA and AADH, Emily has advocated for the dental hygiene profession on many levels.  Emily was presented with the 2015 Master Clinician Award from ADHA and was Iowa's IDHA 2012 Hygienist of the Year. 

American Eagle Instruments is a manufacturer of dental hand instruments celebrating 24 years of quality manufacturing.  Each instrument is held to strict quality control standards during each stage of fabrication, providing the world’s most precise and long-lasting instruments. XP® Technology is AEI’s patented sharpen-free technology. Titanium nitride is impregnated into the substrate material, creating an ultra-hard alloy. This hard alloy translates into a razor edge that stays sharp much longer than stainless steel instruments. Instruments with XP do not require sharpening.