Quik-Tip Cone Socket Instruments – An Economical Game Changer

Posted on February 08, 2016

Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In healthcare, that can be risky, and our patients deserve better than the mediocrity this brings. I am constantly looking for the next “game changer"…. That next invention or improvement that will make preventive care appointments better for everyone. Marrying efficiency with quality care and keeping it budget-friendly is not easy, but essential to finding a way to work smarter rather than harder. Take sharpening instruments. Sharpening is the polar opposite of efficiency, quality care, and being budget-friendly. Schedules are busy; life is hectic...Who has time to sharpen? Besides, are the edges I just sharpened adequate? Studies say no. Am I sharpening when I could be doing something more productive for the practice? Absolutely. Fortunately, I learned about American Eagle Instruments XP Technology sharpen free instruments. Wow! This is my game changer...I no longer need to find time to adequately sharpen, nor do I need to send my instruments out for resharpening. American Eagle Instruments XP Technology is the answer. With XP Technology in my hand, things are running smoothly and efficiently in the land of scaling. Patients continually made comments about how their teeth felt cleaner and how their appointment was much more comfortable. I no longer apply heavy lateral pressure while scaling thanks to the hardness of XP Technology metal. Less pressure equals more comfort for both the patient and myself.

When it came time to purchase new XP Technology instruments for the first time, I needed to consider that my dental office is a business and this purchase has to make economic sense for the practice.There was no way I was going back to sharpening my instruments! I did not want to give up new "game changer”, so it was up to me to educate my dentist and office manager about the return on investment that XP Technology instruments could provide for our practice.

I already knew XP Technology instruments are best for clinicians and patients, but how is it a smart investment for our practice? American Eagle already had the answer in a cone socket instrument called “Quik-Tips”. Quik-Tips instruments in XP Technology are the game changers of all game changers. Quik-Tips have replaceable tips and reusable handles, which make perfect economic sense. When a tip becomes unusable for any reason, I can simply replace it while retaining the handle. Quik-Tips are environmentally friendly, since the handles can be used for many new working end replacements. It’s also fun to create signature instruments - I can now get the color handle of my choice and the tips of my liking. This not only makes buying Quik-Tips instruments more economical but versatile.

Another benefit of the Quik-Tips system is that I can set up my packs according to color. If there are several hygienists in the same office each hygienist can choose their own color and truly customize their setups. This makes it easy to identify my favorite instruments and avoid getting them mixed up with someone else’s. As we evolve in our treatment options, so does our choice in instruments ...now we can simply change the tip to create custom combinations.

Quik-Tips by American Eagle Instruments are high quality, economical, and environmentally friendly. Now that my doctor sees Quik-Tips in action he is completely on board and so proud of the care we are providing for our patients. While top-notch patient care was my initial goal, it’s a great bonus to know that the return on investment is beneficial to the office’s bottom line when options like Quik-Tips instruments in XP Technology are available.

By: Stacy Deemer, RDH