3 Phrases Heard Most Often at Tennessee’s Annual Session

Posted on July 05, 2017

It’s that time of year again - time for state and national conferences. Some hygienists save year-round in order to gather with other motivated professionals, hear about advancements in the dental field, and visit seemingly endless rows of sponsor tables. 

This year I was one of the smiling faces welcoming you to the American Eagle Instruments sponsor table. I attended Tennessee’s Annual Session and enjoyed meeting seasoned hygienists who have been using American Eagle Instruments for years and also new hygienists who had heard of AEI, but just couldn’t believe all the good things they’d been told.

Here is a list of the 3 phrases I heard most often during TN’s Annual Session:

#1 “Oh I know all about American Eagle Instruments!” (always said with a smile) American Eagle Instruments has been around for 25 years, so there are a lot of RDHs who know AEI well. They told me their favorite instruments (the Blackjack was mentioned most often), how long they’ve been using AEI, and how they save their offices money by buying the Quick-Tip cone sockets. It was great to hear all of the first-hand testimonials.

#2 “I never have to sharpen this, right?” The short answer is “No, you don’t.” But, as you get to know me, you will see that I rarely give short answers. For the life of the instrument, it will never require sharpening. What’s the lifetime of the instrument? AEI’s XP Technology will last just as long as your stainless steel instrument, but without needing sharpening! Basically, XP instruments are harder than calculus, which means they dull at a much slower rate than stainless steel. An added bonus is that this hardness allows XP instruments to be made thinner - no need for extra bulk to allow for sharpening. Thinner means fitting between contacts more easily too. Finally!

#3 “Oh my gosh, this is so light!” I know, right! This is one of my favorite features of American Eagle Instruments. Notice that I didn’t say, “…one of my favorite features of XP Technology.” That’s because all of the hand instruments in their colored resin handles are about 10 grams lighter than other hand instruments. That includes Talon Tough (AEI’s stainless steel), XP Technology, and even mirrors, probes, and explorers! At the table I had my very favorite instrument from school, the Nevi® from Hu-Friedy®, and AEI’s version, the N1, on hand for all of the RDHs to compare weights. 100% of the hygienists loved how much lighter AEI’s instruments are. Dozens of them immediately began using AEI’s instrument in the rocking motion on their non-dominate hand - imagining a world in which we left work with a working wrist that hadn’t been weighed down all day. (I’m there, and let me tell you, it’s grand!)

Bonus Phrase - #4 “Be sure I win the XP instruments you’re giving away!” There is an even easier avenue to snagging free instruments. With Eagle Rewards, AEI’s loyalty program, you can earn multiple free instruments with each order. The program is 100% free and is as easy as visiting AEI’s website and putting in a little info about your office. For me, it was well worth the 4 minutes it took to sign-up.

Tennessee’s Annual Session was a fun and eye-opening way for me to kick-off conference season. Sharing insights, personal experiences, and time/money saving techniques is an invaluable perk to networking with my fellow hygienists.  

Yours in making gingiva great again,

Angela Feild, RDH, Instrument Specialist