Boge 513™ Scaler AESB513XP


Emily Boge, CDA, RDH, MPA designed an instrument that was awarded the 2017 “Best New Instrument/Device” by Dr. Bicuspid. A panel of industry experts judged the competition. The award was given at the Chicago MidWinter Dental Convention in Chicago, IL. Feb. 23-25.

Emily had an idea for a modified sickle/hoe scaler, but knew that such an instrument would be difficult to sharpen. She approached American Eagle Instruments, Inc. because they manufacture XP Technology sharpen-free instruments. The result was the development of the Boge 513TM, which was released at the International Symposium of Dental Hygiene in Basel, Switzerland in June of 2016, and in the United States at PennWell’s Under One Roof conference in National Harbor, Maryland in July 2016.

Designed by Emily Boge, CDA, RDH, MPA, the Boge 513™ is a modified anterior sickle/hoe scaler. Hoe end is designed for marginal recession areas with exposed root surfaces, areas with fixed orthodontic wires, posterior areas with root surface exposure, and upper and lower anterior intraoral regions. The sickle end is a Nebraska 128 designed for interproximal contact areas and areas with crowding and/or recession.

The Boge 513 has won the Dental Product Shopper Best Product award and the 2017 Dental Excellence Award for the Best New Instrument.

 To download the brochure, please click here. To view the product video, please click here. To learn how to use the Boge 513, please click here.

Boge 513™ Scaler
Mouth Area
Available Handles
  • X 3/8'' - 9.5mm EagleLiteResin - Purple (P)
    X 3/8'' - 9.5mm EagleLiteResin - Purple (P)
  • Z 3/8'' - 9.5mm EagleLite Stainless Steel
    Z 3/8'' - 9.5mm EagleLite Stainless Steel