Gracey Access 13-14 Pro Thin™

Gracey Access 13-14 Pro Thin™ AEGA13-14TXPX

Gracey design is the standard of care for complete pocket coverage deeper than 4 mm. More recently, 50% shorter working blades and a 3mm extended shank (called Gracey Access) have gained popularity for periodontally involved cases. We have taken the Gracey Access design one step further and thinned the working blade to improve root concavity and furcation access beyond 4 mm. 

The complexity of a shorter working end makes it difficult to sharpen in stainless steel. With XP Technology’s reduced wear rate, the Gracey Access Pro Thin design will retain the original 70-degree edge angulation for consistent periodontal instrumentation. 

The Gracey Access 13-14 Pro Thin curette improves access to all distal surfaces and pockets of the terminal molars. The thinner blade eases access to narrower pockets, particularly for patients with extended clinical attachment levels. 

Gracey Access 13-14 Pro Thin™
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