Eagle Rewards

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What is Eagle Rewards?

Eagle Rewards is a partnership between American Eagle Instruments and You! 

Member-Exclusive Promotions

xpRewards - American Eagle Instruments, Inc.

Member-Exclusive Promotions

Eagle Rewards Year-Round Member Promotion:

  • Buy 10 instruments; Get any 2 free*

*All American Eagle Instruments, except cassettes, qualify for Eagle Rewards. When claiming free goods, please email customerservice@am-eagle.com with instrument choices of equal or lesser value. Please show all purchased items on one dealer invoice. Invoices must be no older than 6 months. Valid in US and Canada.

Plus Refer Friends in Dental

xpRewards - American Eagle Instruments, Inc.

Plus Refer Friends in Dental 

Referral Must Sign Up for Eagle Rewards and Buy 10 

  • Additional Instrument for You! 
  • Additional Instrument for Them!

*As a referral, you must buy 10 instruments in order for both You and Them to receive additional instrument free. Valid in US and Canada.

As a member of Eagle Rewards you will receive member-exclusive promotions providing you the best deals we have to offer. Become an Eagle Rewards member today!

How Do I Join?

To register for Eagle Rewards use the form below or click on the link in the left sidebar to download our form, fill it out, and submit it to your local representative. 

Note: Eagle Rewards is only available in US and Canada. Please show all purchased items on one dealer invoice. Invoices must be no older than 6 months. Invoices that are older than 6 months will not be considered for free goods. 

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