EagleLite Resin Mirror Handle, Round (9.5mm)

$22.14 MSRP | Item #AEMHRX

This single-sided, cone socket mirror handle features an EagleLite resin handle in black. 9.5mm round design. Use with #4 or #5 cone socket mirrors.

Lightweight, EagleLite® resin mirror handle from American Eagle Instruments. Single-sided, cone socket design. 9.5mm round body. Color: Black Handle Material: EagleLite Resin Connection Type: Cone Socket Diameter: 9.5 mm, 3/8" Body: Round Item: Mirror Handle End: Single End Compatible with: #4 Mirror (AEM4) or #5 Mirror (AEM5)  

Are mirrors and handles sold separately? Yes, mirrors and handles are sold separately. Are American Eagle Mirror Handles autoclavable? Yes, all American Eagle Instruments mirror handles are autoclavable.