Scaler Blackjack XP® Sharpen-Free

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Meet the XP Sharpen-Free Blackjack, a universal sickle scaler with a long upper shank designed for all areas of the mouth. The blade design is ideal for removing calculus and stains in all anterior and interproximal areas while the extended shank provides exceptional posterior access. Like all XP Sharpen-Free instruments, the Blackjack is made through a patented process that creates a highly wear-resistant edge. The result is an instrument that retains a factory cutting edge and requires no sharpening during its lifetime. Choose between an EagleLite resin handle or EagleLite stainless steel handle.

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This instrument is surface engineered with our patented sharpen free XP Technology.

Do we need to take special care while using the XP instruments to get the maximum life? Yes, XP Technology has eliminated the need to apply excess pressure. You will be able to use less force and a lighter grip. You should also avoid using them to trim margins and remove overhangs. Please review and follow the Care Recommendations. Do I need to change the way I scale and root plane? You will want to slightly alter your scaling technique and take nice and easy ?exploratory scaling? strokes. Since the edge is much sharper and harder than traditional instruments, the blade will do all the work and slice through calculus for you. Can I sharpen XP instruments? Due to a thinner blade design, we do not recommend that you sharpen your XP instrument. When they become dull, we recommend purchasing a new one. How long can I expect my XP instruments to last? Depending on frequency of use, you can expect your XP instruments to last about as long as your current stainless steel instruments, when they are used and cared for correctly.