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Feedback from real AEI instrument users.


Tracy B., RDH

RX Dental

I wanted to let you know how much I love the new XP American Eagle instruments. I have been practicing dental hygiene for twenty-five years and XP Technology is the best I have ever used. Now I never have to worry because my instruments are always sharp!

Pam H., RDH

Madison, WI

XP instruments are absolutely the best instruments I’ve ever used. Everything from the light weight, non-slip handle to the sharpest blade I’ve ever come across-made the appointment with my patient faster and more efficient.

Julie S., RDH, BSDH

Xlear, Inc.

The American Eagle XP Scandette is the best NEW universal instrument I have tried in years…The addition of XP means it never needs sharpening.

Renee M., RDH

Santa Rosa, CA

I love it! It has a very slim design and it is great to not worry about sharpening.

Amber A.

Maple Ridge, BC

Since using the XP Technology instruments we have missed out on the costly replacement and mundane daily task of sharpening instruments. Instead, we focus solely on patient care and productivity.

David D., DMD

Bitterroot Dental, P.C.

I don’t think there are better composite instruments in the marketplace. The new XP instruments by American Eagle have taken it to a new level.

Dr. Ron Jackson

XP Technology has a cutting edge like no other and stays sharp way longer than any other instruments I have used. I love the design; it is reliable and consistent with every instrument that is produced. I can rely on predictable cutting edges in every instrument I receive. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Michelle M., RDH

Awesome product! Using the EagleLite XP instrument results in less strain on my hands, enhancement of patient comfort, and the instrument holds its edge without having to sharpen. I love it!

Robin T., RDH

I have been using the American Eagle XP Graceys for the past four months. The XP Technology is exceptional. I have not had to sharpen my Graceys, and it has also cut down on my scaling times for periodontal therapy by fifteen minutes each quadrant. In my opinion, there is currently no better instrument on the market.

Rachelle C., RDH

After 23 years of practicing hygiene, the Scandette XP has changed my life!

Heidi P., RDH

Most universal instruments do not reach deep pocket depths, so this is a must-have addition to every set-up!

Renee Marchant-Turner, RDH

Micro dentistry needs special skills and special instruments. The AE C1 TNZ that I systematically use, fulfills the requirements of the current situation and the instrument offers a number of supplementary capabilites that could prove useful throughout.

Dr Raffi Chirvanian, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Royal Clinics of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi Arabia